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Heavy Duty Winch Bumpers for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, and Toyota Pickup Trucks
Why Buy Fearce Bumpers?
upon impact and adds a stylish look to your Truck or SUV. When you install a Fearce Offroad
Bumper, you are not only getting a great looking product, but you are also getting peace of mind
knowing that you and your family are safer on the highway. Heavy Duty front bumpers add
superior protection to the vehicle because they are much stronger than stock bumpers, and with
the addition of a grill guard, you can be sure to minimize damage in the event of an animal strike
or collision.

Do replacement bumpers interfere with airbag sensors?
Fearce Bumpers DO NOT interfere with your air bag system in anyway. This is a common
misconception about replacement bumpers. The air bags are controlled by a special type of ECU
which monitors a number of related sensors within the vehicle, including accelerometers, impact
sensors, side (door) pressure sensors, wheel speed sensors, gyroscopes, brake pressure sensors,
and seat occupancy sensors. For more information on how Vehicle Air Bags work,
click here.

What are front bumpers made of?
Fearce Offroad Winch Bumpers are made with 1/4" thick steel in center section where winch is
located and 3/16" thick steel on the outer ends. All winch mount areas use heavy duty 1/4" thick
steel for maximum strength. Most frame mounting brackets are made from 3/8" thick steel to
guarantee the strongest front bumper on the market. Mid-Size and Non-Winch Truck Bumpers use
1/4" thick steel in center section and 3/16" thick steel on outer ends. We use high grade A36
pickled and oiled steel which ensures a great bond between the bumper coating and bumper.

What about Grill Guards?
We offer different styles of grill guards that enhance the look and protection of our replacement
bumpers. We use large diameter tubes for an aggressive and tougher appearance. This also
increases the strength of the grill guard.

Are lighting options available?
Yes. All bumpers come standard ready for a set of lights. On full-size bumpers we offer standard 6
inch light holes and on mid-size bumpers we offer standard 4 inch light holes. Optional additional
4 inch light holes are available on full-size truck bumpers. Ask for quote on lights. Fearce can offer
amazing deals when you purchase lights with your bumper.

What about a Receiver?
We only offer trailer receivers on our non winch bumpers. The receiver is welded behind the
license plate and is used mainly for removable winch carriers.

Do bumpers come with Tow Hooks?
No. Fearce Bumpers are designed to utilize shackle mounts.

What Winches will Fearce Bumpers accept?
Fearce Offroad offers great deals on a full line of winches from Warn. We recommend a winch that
has the pulling capacity of 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle. Our bumpers are all winch ready
and can accept any winch up to 15000 LBS. with a 10 x 4.5 inch standard bolt pattern. All light
duty truck bumpers can accept up to 9500 LBS. winch (Ranger, Tacoma)

These winches will not work with our bumpers: Ramsey RE Series worm drive, Superwinch Husky
Series worm drive, WARN 8274 upright, and all Megawinch.

How can I access my Winch?
Winches can be accessed through a cutout in the top of the bumper. All bumpers include a cover
door with latch. This access panel protects your winch from the harsh conditions of the

What is the bumper finish?
Fearce Offroad can offer three different finishes. Raw Steel, Powder Coat, and Bed-liner Industrial
  • If you want an exact match to the vehicle paint, Raw Steel is the best choice for you. Take the
    bare steel bumper to a qualified auto body shop and have them custom paint your bumper for
    a perfect match!
  • If you want a good looking coating that will last a lifetime, Powder Coat is right for you. We use
    a 2 stage coating system that starts with a good sandblasting and followed by a primer powder
    coat. Then the final top coat of your choosing is added.
  • If you want the most durable coating available, a bed-liner type coating is the most logical
    choice for you. This bed-liner coating is applied at 200 degrees F for incredible adhesion,
    durability and a tough, skid resistant surface.

How easy is an installation?
Installing a heavy duty front replacement bumper is not difficult. The bumper is entirely bolt-on
with no welding or cutting required. If you own a basic set of hand tools, and have a buddy you
can call for help, this installation can be done in the driveway in 2 hours or less. Another option
we offer is to have the bumper shipped to a local auto body or 4x4 shop and have them install the
bumper for you. This is the most convenient option because you can drop your vehicle off for a few
hours and have it back the same day.

What is the lead-time on a new bumper?
Our current lead-time is 3-4 weeks on any bumper that we have designed and prototyped.

Where are the bumpers made?
Bumpers are fabricated at our manufacturing plant in Monmouth, Oregon.

Does Fearce Offroad use dealers or sell direct?
Both. Give us a call to become a dealer. 503-302-6352
Fearce Offroad designs and sells CUSTOM bumpers. If you want
something special built, feel free to call and ask about your options.
We can usually accomodate any idea you have!