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Heavy Duty Winch Bumpers for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, and Toyota Pickup Trucks
This is our line of bumpers that is geared more towards
the show and street trucks. The non winch bumper does
not have the capability of carrying a winch, however it is
built just as rugged as the others. Its design allows you to
pull on the bumper with shackles or a trailer receiver. This
bumper tucks closer to the truck for a slimmer look, but
does not spare any functionality.

  • Pre-runner tube guard
  • 1/4" thick steel center section
  • 3/16" thick outer ends
  • Optional Shackle Mounts
  • Standard 6 inch light ports
  • Optional additional 4 inch light ports
  • Trailer Receiver Available
  • Easy to install-Completely bolt on
  • Large diameter tube guard gives aggressive look
  • Comes with full hardware kit and instructions.
Full Size Trucks
Bare Steel                                   $1500.00

Mid Size Trucks
Bare Steel                                   $1450.00

Add Powder Coat (any color)        $175.00
Add Bedliner Coating                   $275.00

Add Shackle Mounts                    $50.00
Add 4 inch light holes                  $50.00
Add Receiver (see below)              $75.00

6inch PIAA 520 Driving Light      $200.00/pair
4inch PIAA 510 Fog Light            $200.00/pair

6inch HELLA Driving or Fog        $80/pair
4inch HELLA Fog Light               $60/pair
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